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Youth Meeting

On January 14th , I was able to have a meeting with 12 young women in my

home. Most of them were in their late teens and early twenties. Some had

taken part in the Young Women’s Speech Contest, some helped begin the

Peace Garden project, and two were new contacts. There were also three

young women in their early 30’s, who I have known for quite a long time,

and who had offered to come along and be mentors for the younger ones, if


We were happy to have several mums with us, who brought some tasty

Asian food with them, and we began the evening by sharing a meal

together. Then everyone took a little time to introduce themselves, after

which I gave a presentation about my WFWP activities, especially those

which were relevant to the young people. We then had a time of open

sharing, and an opportunity to say what kind of activity each individual

might like to get involved with. All of them were interested to get involved

in some way.

Four of the young women said they would like to enter the Young Women’s

Speech Contest, and others said they would like to help and support them.

Several were interested in developing the Peace Garden in the summer, and

some others would like to try and find participants for the ‘Artists for

Peace’ competition. There was also a consensus that it would be good to

have a Women’s Peace Meeting where the voice of youth could be heard,

with some sharing between the different generations. There was some

interest in the Leadership of the Heart programme, and one or two would

like to come with me when I meet with refugee women’s groups to do craft

activities. All in all, it was a very positive discussion, although everyone

said how busy they are, and how they will really try to make the effort to

get involved. Let’s see what the future holds!

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