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The WFWP believes that women are the guardians of the family, the cornerstone of every healthy society, and therefore are an essential part of leadership in the peace building processes of our time, contributing with the skills of mothers, nurturers and educators.

The WFWP perspective is that the root of conflict is not economic, political or due to a lack of knowledge. By defining the causes in terms of a profound rift at the individual level of each person it also outlines a possible solution. Therefore, the WFWP take part in a number of peace building initiatives including inter-faith and inter-racial activities to break down prejudices, build reconciliation, healing and strong bonds as sisters.

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Bridge of Peace
Women of Faith

Activities around United Kingdom

Bridge of Peace

The physical and emotional pain of war, crime and bigotry is, and has been, inflicted on so many throughout human history. The violence that results from intolerance and rage acted-out is demeaning and destructive to both victim and perpetrator. Victims of their loved ones often become perpetrators as they exact revenge, only creating a vicious cycle of more conflict and resentment.

Through the ‘Bridge of Peace’ ceremony WFWP emphasises finding solutions by taking responsibility for ourselves and making sincere effort to care for one another. By taking this approach to conflict resolution, we draw out the best in one another, enabling and strengthening each person in remarkable ways.

Bridge of Peace
Women of Faith

In the nineties a prayer chain for peace by members of the WFWP throughout Europe began in concern for the pain and suffering inflicted on people as a result of war. This expanded into the 'Women of Faith' Initiative which began in the summer of 2001, bringing women of different faiths together for the purpose of developing understanding and respect for the various faiths and traditions. With an open heart, empathy and sensitivity, women are uniquely qualified to bridge divides. Through prayer breakfasts, trips to others' places of worship, testimonies and the sharing of similar passages from different sacred texts, our 'Women of Faith' are finding ways to overcome differences, reconcile and work together for peace.

Women of Faith
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