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WFWP UK to celebrate the New Year

The gathering of women leaders from WFWP UK to celebrate the New Year of the Dragon was a beautiful and deeply meaningful event. It served as a platform for sharing, reconnecting, and honoring the stories of both elder members who have dedicated their lives to laying the foundation for WFWP and the younger women who are now merging into the organization. The gathering was truly intergenerational and inspiring, bringing together the wisdom of the past and the energy of the future.

The testimonials from branch coordinators and project managers of the Artist for Peace and the Young Women's Speech Contest were particularly moving. These accounts highlighted the impactful work being done within the organization and served as a source of inspiration for all in attendance. The event also provided a space for many touching encounters, fostering a sense of community and solidarity among the participants.

A special thank you was extended to Karen Grant for organizing the gathering and to Oksana Torok for her assistance and support. The delightful cupcakes from Tanya’s "Yummy Crumbs" bakery, provided by Tanya Chandler, added a sweet touch to the event, symbolizing the warmth and camaraderie shared among the attendees. The food and conversations were thoroughly enjoyed by all, contributing to an atmosphere of joy and connection. As a result, the attendees left the gathering feeling energized and already looking forward to the next opportunity to come together.

Date of the Event:10/02/2024.

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