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WFWP Scotland Women Coffee Morning

The meeting attracted women from diverse nationalities.

Ann Breslin as MC kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome and quick

introduction of each participant.

Then she explained that a healthy lifestyle starts from inside of ourselves with

the desire to be healthy.

She also introduced 10 ways to keep yourself healthy;

1) Exercise

2) Exposing to sunlight

3) Resting

4) Thinking positively

5) Eating slowly

6) Being happy

7) Drinking water

8) Smiling/laughing

9) Praising others

10) Let go of stressful stuff

We had a break for a snack and drink and participants enjoyed light chats.

After the break, Ann guided us through some exercises and the participants

introduced typical exercises in their own country.

The chair, Harumi Currie introduced WFWP and the guests shared their

concerns in their countries afterwards.

Date of the event: 02/07/2024.

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