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Monday, 05 March 2012 21:37
two_ladiescake_cuttingWe held a Bridge of Peace Ceremony on 25th February, 2012, in Edinburgh as a part of Pre-festival of the Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace Festival. The Title was" Global Peace through Reconciliation."

The Welcoming Address was given by the MC Heidrun Williamson where she talked about the heart of parents creating a good environment for their children and family and where people can feel free to bring up difficulties.

With Gordon Baillie’s guitar, his daughter Jenny sang beautiful songs of devotion.
David Fraser Harris, the Regional Secretary General for the Universal Peace Federation in the Middle East and North Africa gave a very poignant account of his work abroad during the past 8 years including Syria. He said that tolerance is not enough and that we have to go beyond tolerance and find the goodness in others and go deeper. His talk moved and open up the heart of the participants.

Harumi Currie, the chair of the WFWP-Scotland then explained the Bridge of Peace Ceremony using the Power point.
Mio Shapley played tranquil songs on her harp. She introduced a story exchange project between Japanese and British children.

Then we had the Bridge of Peace Ceremony where 30 participants (13 guests) from 12 countries exchanged cranes and walked under the floral bridge.
After all participants crossed the bridge, they pledged to become the foundation of the peaceful world.
Bushra Jaili then sang beautiful Urdu songs to congratulate them.
Next we had Ambassador or Peace Awards which were given to Mio, Bushra and Salamatu Sambo for their works of helping communities.
Delicious food from different countries was served and all of them enjoyed conversation with a newly found sister/brother.

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