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Sunday, 20 November 2011 15:13
Screen_shot_2011-11-20_at_15.18.08Sixteen women from the Moslem, Christian and Unificationist community gathered together to celebrate their beliefs. After the welcome and an introduction by everyone, a relaxing meditation started. It brought peace to our minds, our hearts and the environment. It was followed by an interesting reading from "How to gain Spiritual Help". It became clear that we need to change our concepts.
Subsequently three women shared some of their life experiences.
A Moslem woman talked about connecting her children with their family tradition. She explained that she kept them under her motherly protection during their teens regardless of some criticism that she received. This helped them to keep their traditions despite living in a liberal society.   Recently her daughter was married with a very good person, who was an old friend of the family and now both of them are happily together.
A Unificationist woman coming originally from Japan shared an experience from when she grew up. She had no concept of God because she was educated only in ethics from the Buddhist and Confucianist traditions. She discovered God through studying Unification Principles where she found answers to her questions and the purpose of her life. This led her to become committed to the Unificationist Faith and have many experiences with God.
A Christian woman from Guyana then spoke. She was a divorcee, who had raised up two children on her own. It was not easy for her during that time, but her trust in God helped her a lot. She always had strength in what she was doing and felt very protected because of her positive attitude of finding God in her daily life.
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